Automated Concrete Handling

The HALO™ is an automated, self-propelled precast concrete manufacturing system capable of forming, stripping, stocking and loading various heavy precast concrete products.

The HALO™ allows precaste concrete manufacturers to effectively concentrate on mass production.

The HALO™ allows manufacturers to reduce labor costs, lower inventory requirements and increase gross profit margins.

The machine provides automated, high volume production of concrete vessels and building products such as:

  • Standard water and septic tanks
  • Sand, grease and oil interceptors
  • Telecommunication or electrical equipment vaults
  • Storm water inlets, manholes and junction boxes
  • Tunnel and conduit sections

HALO's comprehensive equipment systems include:

  • Versatile mechanized movers
  • Form systems
  • Lift and turnover actuators
  • Vibrating and curing systems
  • Fresh product manipulators
  • Cured product handling systems

View steps in tank production using the HALO™

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